About Us

The Sea Dragons team is composed by professional UW videographer and Freediving Instructor Pepe Arcos, and Freediving Instructor Trainer and UW photographer Flavia Eberhard.


Pepe Arcos

Pepe came a long way from owning a successful graphic design company in Spain to becoming a devoted freediver instructor and underwater filmmaker. Pepe felt totally in love with the sea in the first trip to Thailand in 2003 and took the decision to learn scuba diving once back in Spain. After a couple of years practicing scuba, he saw a guy diving to 20 meters without tanks, just like flying! He then realized that this is exactly what he was looking for: total freedom underwater! After the first years practicing freediving, Pepe went to national freediving competitions winning for two consecutive years the Spanish Championship title and achieving various national records on depth and pool. After that, he started competing on international events such as European and World Championships where he came out as the 6th best in the world. In 2012 Pepe easily reached -80m on training and since then he keeps thinking to go deeper…

Today Pepe is totally dedicated to teaching freediving and freediving videography.Pepe is also an international freediving judge.



Flavia Eberhard

Flavia has been in love with the underwater world since childhood. Being brought up in an island in Brazil, she took part in many water sports but it was bellow the water that she would find her real passion. Working as an international model she travel around the world and shared her time between the flashlights and her love to the sea.From recreational scuba to tech diving, she devoted most of her free time to discover and photograph the underwater scene in order to share her passion and inspire others.

In 2007 Flavia was introduced to freediving and was instigated by friends that saw her potential to take the sport professionally. She embraced freediving in full, letting go of a successful career to follow her heart. Flavia has been devoting herself to freediving and professionally competing since 2009, same year that she started teaching. Since then she has worked for some of the best schools of freediving in the world and is one of the few certified teachers that can offer SSI, AIDA and ApneaTotal courses.

She is currently the national record holder for Brazil and best South American female on the discipline of free immersion with a dive to -69m. She can hold her breath for up to 6 minutes and is eager to teach you how to do it too! Flavia also teaches yoga and is presently working in a webseries about freediving with Pepe Arcos. She is an international freediving judge too.

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