AIDA Courses


Duration: 1 day


Introductory course with no previous freediving experience required. You will learn the basics about equipment, breathing techniques, equalization and physiology. In this course you will gain the primary skills and knowledge to enjoy freediving safely.

  • 1 theory session
  • 1 breathing technique session
  • 1 confined water session



Duration: 2 days and ½


Foundation freediving course for students who feel comfortable in the water. You will learn more about physiology, detailed techniques of breathing, relaxation, finning and underwater swimming as well as dealing with problems and hazards. Students will be able to safely plan and practice basic freediving.

  • 3 theory sessions
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • 3 open water sessions



Duration: 3 days


Intermediate freediving course which is a follow up of AIDA **. The student will be introduced to more advanced concepts and techniques for deeper freediving such as freefalling, while improving your finning technique and streamline swimming. In this course you will learn advanced equalization practices and planing your own training program.

  • 3 theory sessions
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • 4 open water sessions



Duration: 4 days


Advanced freediving course developed to continue your training beyond AIDA ***. Student will learn techniques, knowledge and safety procedures for deep freediving beyond recreational diving. This course will prepare you for competitive freediving by introducing techniques such as mouth fill and exhale diving. You will also be introduced into land preparation such as full body and lung stretching and fitness for the sport.

  • 3 theory sessions
  • 1 stretching session
  • 2 confined water sessions
  • 6 open water sessions