SSI Level 2

Advanced freediver!

Duration: 3 days


Intermediate freediving course where the student will be introduced to further concepts for deeper freediving such as freefalling and new equalization techniques. These will improve your relaxation and conserve oxygen that consequently will help you go even deeper. The theory will give you a greater understanding of the natural changes that occur in your body when you dive called Mamalian Dive Reflex that helps you become more aquatic and how to trigger this changes faster to help you stay longer and go even deeper. You will also have a full body and specific thoracic stretching session where you will learn to improve your chest flexibility and therefore make a better use of your capacity.

Together with depth training you will have the opportunity to try breath holds in the water (static apnea) and continue with dynamic apnea to improve your finning and efficiency UW.

All these new skills will help you go over 30 meters in a relaxed, efficient and safe manner.


*To complete the SSI level 2 FREEDIVER you need to have completed a course in First Aid within the last two years. We can arrange this on request.