Sports Events coverage

Filming Competions to the next level!

If you are the organizer of a sports event, we want to be your audiovisual company. We can film your event from difference angles, getting the highlights, capturing the spirit of the event, interviewing they main players and promoting your sponsor’s brands.

Sea Dragons has been filming competitions in differents locations like Egypt, Malaysia and Thailand and we will be present in the main world freediving competitions and interviewing organizers, top atheletes and newbees on the sport

We also provide a especial services of coverage totally design for the athletes during the competitions to film personal performances. Check our special service: Single person or team profiles

Official Event Video

From the training, to the performance. Underwater and above the water!

  • Full HD movie and Web ready format ready for distribution
  • Short Clips during the competition will be provided for Web promotion
  • Following the different stages of the event
  • Interviews to main players
  • Underwater performance
  • Art direction and graphics
  • Competitive price

Sea Dragons will be filming everything that happen during the event to capture the essence of the experience. Our team will provide the apropiate gear to show all angles of the event, from underwater video operator to a drone air shots.

Please, have a look on our last event in Kuala Lumpur:

Kuala Lumpur 7seas Pool Master Apnea Challenge 2013 competition